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Zayed Abbas Tennis Academy

Zayed Abbas Tennis Academy (ZATA) is the country's first tennis academy that is founded by an Emirati Tennis player, and former member of the UAE National Team. It is an elite tennis training academy that provides tennis clinics to students of various levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player

ZATA ensures to serve you cutting-edge training methods. Our qualified team has over 10 years of experience from different parts of the world. We aim to offer a blend of tennis training and character development tools to help students reach their goals and achieve results. We also offer summer camps, winter camps, clinics for adults, and ladies morning classes.

Private (block of 10) AED 2650 AED 2750 60 mins
Private (block of 5) AED 1400 AED 1500 60 mins
Private AED 300 AED 325 60 mins
Private (block of 10) AED 1400 AED 1450 30 mins
Semi private (block of 10) AED 2800 AED 2900 60 mins
Semi private (block of 5) AED 1600 AED 1650 60 mins
Group of 3 AED 100* AED 105*  60 mins
Group of 4 AED 85* AED 90* 60 mins
Group of 5 AED 80* AED 85* 60 mins
Adult Clinics AED 120* AED 120* 120 mins
Tournament Fees AED 100 per event AED 100 per event  

*Prices are per person