Golf Fitness & Biomechanics Training

Whether new to golf or an experienced golfer, develop your physical abilities including strength, mobility, balance and coordination to assist in developing your swing and improving your game. Work with our dedicated professional who will conduct assessments and specific training programmes based on data and the analysis of your body movements to aid in understanding which swing model is the most efficient for you as a golfer. 

Get professional insight during a one-on-one individual assessment. Get data driven insight to your swing and allow our Professionals to provide you with tips, or a personalised programme to suite your needs and hone your game.

Golf Fitness Assessment

AED 200 per person

Work closely with our team of Professionals over with our Individual Sessions Package. Receive expertise to the mechanics of your golf swing over 10 lessons. Whether strength, mobility, balance or coordination focused, our Professionals aim to analyse your golf needs and improve  your physical ability to aid your swing.

Perfect for new or experienced golfers who wish to improve the fundamentals of their game!

10 x 50-minute Golf Fitness Package

Golf Fitness Package

AED 3,600

Junior Golf Fitness Package

AED 3,200

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