We can all drop dried pasta in to boiling water, but what about making fresh pasta from scratch? For fans of Italian food, Jones the Grocer at Emirates Golf Club is hosting a Tagliatelle Master Class on Wednesday, 25th April from 6pm, with Dayan Anthony (Head Chef at Jones the Grocer).

At the start of the session, the chef will demonstrate the importance of selecting the right ingredients, while guests can enjoy refreshments and a cheese or charcuterie platter.

Guests will then get involved; preparing and rolling dough, cutting the pasta and making their own sauces using fresh, delicious ingredients. After putting in the hard work of creating the pasta, guests will then enjoy the best bit - sitting down and eating the dishes!

Afterwards, the newly taught Tagliatelle masters can enjoy a tea or coffee on the terrace or in the air-conditioned café lounge. Guests will also receive a Jones the Grocer apron and selected recipes to try at home.

To enjoy the pasta master class, head to Emirates Golf Club on Wednesday 25th April from 6pm. It won’t cost much dough…just AED275 per person.