Padel Tennis is an energizing racquet sport that combines the elements of tennis, squash and racquetball.

It is a game played in doubles on an enclosed court made of glass and mesh, which is a third of the size of a full size tennis court and is quick and easy to learn with rallies lasting longer than normal tennis, making it a fun and addictive sport to play.

Match-craft is an important skill of the game and points are won by strategy rather than strength and power.

The game of Padel is easy to pick up but becomes gradually more challenging as the level of opposition improves, however it is an ideal sport for all ages and all abilities.

Because the game is played in doubles, it is ideal for families as can easily be played with mixed skill levels. As a player’s skill improves, the game becomes more technically challenging and faster paced.

Here at Emirates Golf Club, we offer scheduled activities for all levels and ages:

  • Group practice
  • Social friendly competitions
  • Ladies only sessions
  • Cardio and endurance training
  • Private classes
  • Tournaments
  • Padel Petite (Kids from 4 up to 11)

All Dubai Golf and Emirates Golf Club members can utilize a 25% discount on all of the activities listed above.

7AM - 11PM

+971 56 179 8324

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