Welcome to the United Arab Emirates Junior Development Programme Initiative.

The Tee It Up Vision - Through partnerships our aim is to give all children between the ages of 6 and 16 the opportunity to experience golf in school for a sustained period of time through educational programmes before 2020.

Mission - The Tee It Up Initiative begins focusing on the age category of 6 to 9 years of age named Tee It Up Smash. The Programme will provide all schools with the tools and training to activate the game of golf internally by 2020. Teachers and parents will be trained and qualified to activate the game internally through physical education sessions, lunchtime sessions or during after school activity sessions. Parents will play a key role in improving the Grass Roots culture of the game in the region learning first hand what it takes to become competitive. The Tee It Up Programme has also developmed a programme working with simulators to cater for the ages of 10 to 16 named Tee It Up Discover and Tee It Up Enhance. The Tee It Up Discover programme aims to give those children who may not have experienced the game to give it a try and Tee It Up Enhance provides students with the ability to enhance their golfing skills within school environments.

Tee It Up 10 Core Values - FUN, Equaility, Respect, Teamwork, Leadership, Imagination, Intergrity, Sportsmanship, Confidence, Perseverance.

History - The Tee It Up SMASH model is inspired by the Golf Foundation UK Tri Golf initiative that has been very productive in the UK for a decade. The successful model has generously been shared with the Tee It Up Initiative to grow the game in our region.

Plan - There are currently 183 nationalities studying in 173 private schools. With the support of KHDA we plan to conduct training in 60 schools and create a minimum of 120 activators per year. The programme will cover all private schools by the year 2020 and qualify 500 teachers and parents to activate the game creating visibility of thegame to a quarter of a million families.

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