Michael Sweenie

Teaching Professional

Starting the game at the age of 13 years old after a sporting childhood and a love for fitness, Michael quickly developed into a scratch golfer and joined the Professional team at the world renowned Turnberry in 2005. As a young keen assistant Michael quickly developed a passion for golf coaching and began continually studying and working alongside some of the world’s leading golf coaches, such as the legendary Scottish coach Bob Torrance who was instrumental in helping Michael get access to some of the top Players on European Tour. Michael helped develop the Colin Montgomerie Links Golf Academy, and then was instrumental in creating the launch of the Turnberry Performance Academy as Performance Academy manager in 2012. A facility which would be focused on the holistic approach to golf coaching including physical, technical, tactical and mental player development.

In 2015 looking to gain international experience, Michael joined IMG management group as a Head Professional to set up a world class golf academy at Dreamland Golf Club in Baku, Azerbaijan. After 3 years in Baku also working as the National Golf Coach Michael was able to create a world class practice facility, along with a highly successful national and junior development program in an emerging golf market.

Excited to join the team at ETPI Michael brings a real passion and knowledge to the team as a performance focused golf coach looking to maximize every players playing standard whilst utilizing the world class facilities available at ETPI and JGE – and ultimately help all clients enjoy the game of golf more. Michael coaching philosophy is based on a holistic approach, coaching players of all levels from beginners to touring professionals. Michael is a great believer in that your swing should be based on your physical capabilities, and will structurally test each individual to find their optimum swing.