The UAE Junior Development Programme at Dubai Golf is unparalleled for its developmental structure; the development stages created by Dubai Golf are now being used at many facilities and within other programmes. By sharing our expertise and experience we have been able to develop the UAE JDP Development Pyramid to set a levelling precedent across the region. This allows all children from varied programmes to know what level they are working at and, most importantly, what they need to do to grow to the next stage. Check out the pyramid to see what yardage on the course your child should be playing, what scores they should be shooting and how they might develop to the next level. 

The Junior Development Programme is available at The Acdemy at Emirates Golf CLub and Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. 

The Junior Development Programme is designed specifically for youngsters aged four to 17 years old. Classes are limited to a maximum of six children per instructor to ensure that safety and enjoyment are always paramount. During the term, your child will spend 50 minutes per week with one of our qualified instructors learning all aspects of the game. Specifically designed junior clubs can be provided if necessary.

Each child will receive a Dubai Golf Passbook containing all levels of development with physical and technical challenges for each level. Along with the Passbook they will receive an instructional DVD covering their lesson content.

The Dubai Golf Junior Programme is divided into specific ability levels - with different colour hats. Upon successful completion of a level your child will receive a certificate and be invited to graduate to the next level.

For more information please contact:

The Academy at Emirates Golf Club
T: +971 4 417 9845

Dubai Creek Golf Academy
T: +971 4 205 4666