Emirates Golf Club Pool is located in the heart of the iconic clubhouse, well known for its mouth watering dishes and stunning views of the Dubai Skyline and inviting pool.



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Elite Sports Academy focuses on developing your confidence and to learn how to be proficient in the water. With a range of health benefits, our team of qualified instructors seek to educate swimmers in water safety and working towards become successful athletes. Follow the British Amateur Swimming Association framework, instructors use innovative ideas to help you become the best swimmer you can be. Whether you are looking for swimming lessons for kids, adults or babies in Dubai, Elite Sports Academy is for you. 

  • Note From Elite Sports Academy

    Emirates Golf Club and Elite Sports Academy are proud to continue our partnership with Elite Sports Academy in the new academic year, re-commencing September 2021, delivering our wide range of Swimming Programmes at the Club.

    Swimming sessions will not be running during the summer period, but once resumed, in line with Elite Sports 10-year Anniversary, their stages system places students on a journey towards complete proficiency in all strokes (e.g. freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, side stroke, inverted breaststroke) and swimming skills.

    The swimmer’s journey through aquatics following the framework will result in the development of a wide range of skills. These skills are pieces of a jigsaw and when put together, will result in a competent, confident and safe swimmer who has the foundations needed to help them reach their potential in swimming, as well as a skill base that can be developed for a wide range of water-based sports.

    Led by Head Coach, Dyllon Swart, Elite Sport offer courses to all ages and abilities, catering for: - 

    • Baby & Toddler Swim
    • Learn to Swim Sessions
    • Swimming Squads
    • Adult Swim

    Swimming Courses include weekly swimming sessions (midweek or weekend), End of Term Swimming Gala and Elite Sport Swimming Towel/Swimming Hat.

Secure a free swimming assessment for your child so that we can accommodate your needs as best possible!

Enjoy 20% MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT as an Emirates Golf Club member on swimming lessons when you register before the end of the 2020-21 Academic Year. 

Learn more about lessons at www.elitesports.ae  or contact the team at swim@elitesports.ae