Group Fitness with FitLab

FitLab boasts a state of the art fitness studio and a lush outdoor workout area surround the golf course where a number of highly qualified fitness instructors have been carefully selected to provide you with the very best in fitness training. Classes and personal training sessions can be booked on an individual basis or as a package of 10 classes with special rates.

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  • Bharat Thakur's Artistic Yoga

    The brainchild of Himalayan Yogi Bharat Thakur, Artistic Yoga is complete workout that targets all aspects of fitness including strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, coordinative ability and balance. Classes include breathing techniques, high intensity cardio, strength training, stretches and body part training.

    Personal training and yoga for golf are also available.

    Artistic Yoga AED 65 AED 65 60 mins
    1 Month (3 days/week) AED 495 AED 550 3 days/week
    1 Month (6 days/week)  AED 630 AED 700 6 days/week
    Weight Loss AED 85 AED 85 60 mins
    1 Month (3 days/week) AED 630 AED 700 3 days/week
    1 Month (5 days/week) AED 765 AED 850 6 days/week

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  • Circuit Training

    Instructor: Michael
    Fit Lab at Emirates Golf Club introduces one of the best training methods to develop muscular endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness all in one session.

    Circuit training is ideal for individuals looking to lose weight, tone up or gain fitness for sport or general health. Circuit training is a combination of bodyweight exercise and various training tools such as TRX, kettlebells and battling ropes. From general health focused individuals to elite athletes, this class has something for everyone!

    Circuit Training (per session) AED 55 AED 75 60 mins
    Circuit Training (block of 10) AED 500 AED 700 60 mins
  • Bollywood Fitness & Dance

    Instructor: Meghna Naidu 

    Bollywood Fitness Dance Class, with Bollywood actress Meghna Naidu, is a high intensity cardio workout that is a fusion of a number of dance styles such as Indian Folk, Indian classical, hip hop and many other. It is a 1 hour class filled with Bollywood music, dance, sweat and smiles. 

    Single Group Class AED 90 AED 95
    Block of 4 Classes AED 285 AED 315
    Block of 8 Classes AED 525 AED 580
    Block of 12 Classes AED 685 AED 735
    Single Private Class AED 290 AED 315
    Block of 5 Private Classes AED 1,340 AED 1,440
    Block of 10 Private Classes AED 2,410 AED 2,625
  • Zumba

    Instructor: Carina Fritzmann 

    Zumba is the world's largest and most successful dance fitness programme, catering to all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness. Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. Before you know it, you are not only getting fit, your energy levels are soaring. 

    Strong by Zumba 

    Combines high intensity interval training with the science of synced music motivation, and is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and students looking for a more challenging, high intensity interval training workout.

    Single Session  AED 60  AED 70
    Block of 10 Sessions  AED 550  AED 650
  • Pilates Mat

    A Specialist Clinical Pilates instructor will guide you through each Mat class with care and consideration to ensure you get the most out of each session whether you are injured or an athlete, young or old. Personal adaptions to exercises will be made for an individual if necessary. 

    Pilates is a core strengthening and conditioning technique to improve posture, mobility, flexibility, muscle tone and fitness and enhance overall wellbeing.  

    Pilates Mat (per hour session) AED 80 AED 90 1 hour
    Pilates Mat (block of 5 sessions) AED 375 AED 425 1 hour
  • Karate

    Learn karate skills from a world champion! Emirates Golf Club is proud to offer a Karate Skills Academy with three-times World Champion Wayne MacDonald and his skilled team. Classes are held on Tuesdays for children aged 5 and above. 

    Karate (per session) AED 50 AED 60 60 mins
    Karate (block of 10 sessions) AED 450 AED 550 60 mins
  • Step Up Academy

    Intructor: Step Up Academy

    The Step Up Academy is a great way for parents and children to take part in ballet, musical theatre, gymnastics, street jazz, freestyle and disco. Step Up Academy offers a wide range of different activities everyone from 15 months old to adults and from beginners to the more advanced. The Academy offers a high level of professionalism, through fully qualified teachers in a safe and friendly environment at Emirates Golf Club. For more information on Step Up Academy visit their website here.


    Time Programme Age
    9am - 10am Gymnastics 4 - 6 years
    10am - 11am Gymnastics 7 - 12 years
    11am - 12.15pm RAD Grade 1 Ballet & Tap 7 years


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