Club Manager Update - November 2019

Dear Member

A busy month culminated with the Ladies Pink Ball Golf Tournament on 28th October. Always a highlight of the season and a massive thank you to all members and sponsors, who contributed in raising north of AED 100,000 for the Al Jalila Foundation to support breast cancer. Congratulations to the ladies section headed by Lady Captain, Yana Jamieson, for showing such passion and commitment for an excellent cause. 

As we move into November, we also transition into the walking period on the Majlis golf course. Please be reminded that the Majlis course is walking only from 3rd - 20th November, carts are then allowed from 21st November to the 3rd December. We have reduced the walking period by two weeks this season following feedback from the membership. The Majlis course will be closed for overseeding on 4th and 5th December, following the re-opening, the Majlis is walking only from 6th December until the 5th February 2020. 

Caddies at Emirates Golf Club 

As many of you will be aware there are no full time caddies at Emirates Golf Club. The caddie program is made up of all EGC colleagues, who show a desire to fulfill the role, attend a training program and pass a test. Our EGC caddies include colleagues from all departments including Golf Operations, Golf Course Maintenance, Food and Beverage, Recreation and more.

A number of the colleagues have caddied for five to 20 years and perform the role fantastically, as you may agree. We do however admit that the caddie program (as it is not a full time service) is not positioned the same, as for example, the caddie program at St Andrews. As a result members and guests may well experience a differing level of skill and experience from caddy to caddy. For the 2019-2020 season we will be introducing a Caddie Feedback program. The main aim of this strategy is to improve the quality of caddies and to also differentiate between a Caddie and a Bag Carrier. From November onwards we will be asking all members and guests to rate their caddie by allocating a score between 1 and 5 (5 being very good). Our caddie master (Ummer or Jega) will inform you if you have a Caddie or a Bag Carrier in advance of play. The caddie fee for the coming season will be AED 160 per round and for a bag carrier AED 130. 

Please note we will use the feedback to improve the caddies and service we provide. Following your round, you will receive the caddies’ I.D card and we ask you to return it to a feedback box, scoring the colleague between 1-5. For any marks of 1 or 2 out of 5 please complete the small feedback form so we can improve and train the individual. As this is a new scheme, all colleagues who have passed our caddie test will start the season as a caddie.

Please note an EGC Caddie would be expected to fulfill the below:

  • Have a good level of English 
  • Improve your experience on the course 
  • Keep up with play
  • Be well presented
  • Knowledgeable of facilities (F&B station, toilets etc.)
  • Know the course layout
  • Driving lines off the tee box
  • Perform caddie functions including:- cleaning clubs/ball, raking bunkers, repair pitch marks, fill divots, provide yardages to the pin using the on course markers 
  • Carries Clubs
  • Assist with ball searches
  • Adds to the enjoyment of the round
  • Not a distraction to anyone in the group

NOTE we don’t expect caddies to read putts on the greens but many will if asked.
We don’t expect caddies to know the Rules of Golf 
We don’t expect caddies to club a player (recommend what club to use based on a golfer’s ability)

Single Use Plastic 

Our new refillable flasks for members and guests, sponsored by Dell Technologies, will arrive in Dubai on 15th November. As soon as these are received and personalized we will distribute and STOP all supply of plastic bottles at the driving range/cart staging area. This campaign will be adopted at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and Jumeirah Golf Estates also. To re-iterate NO PLASTIC BOTTLE will be provided to you prior to your round at the driving range. Your refillable flask should become part of your golf equipment moving forward. If you forget the bottle then the paper cups on course can be used at the igloo stations for your hydration. Please see some FAQ’s regarding the campaign:

Why are Dubai Golf launching this scheme across EGC, Dubai Creek and JGE?
40% of all plastic produced is used just once
15 minutes is the average lifespan of single-use plastic
8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year
200,000 bottles at Emirates Golf Club alone will be cut by launching this initiative

What if I lose my bottle?
We have ordered superior stainless steel bottles for our members. Unfortunately if you lose the bottle then a replacement will have to be purchased from our pro shop. Note we will continue to provide paper cups on course as standard.

If I bring a guest to play every week do they receive an aluminum visitor bottle for every game?
No, the objective is for regular visitors to bring their golf club water bottle every time they play, same as our members. Note if you have a visitor, who plays all three clubs, then they will receive a bottle from each club.

Is the water offered on the course, at the igloo stations, mineral water (e.g. Oasis or Masafi)?
No, Emirates Golf Club do not supply mineral water on course/. The water is from DEWA and is softened and filtered on site.
The club tests the water periodically to make sure it is perfectly safe to drink.

Are the water igloos left out overnight?
No, the Marshal team within Golf Operations set-up the water igloos each morning, maintain them throughout the day and then remove them each night in preparation for the next morning. Our Marshals make sure the igloos are clean before they go out the following day.

Are you removing the water dispensers from the locker rooms?
No, these will be kept in place and will offer mineral water through our suppliers. 

Car Parking 

We are now hitting peak season at the club and we acknowledge there are many non-members on site especially at the weekends. We are in constant communication with the YOGA participants to force them to park in the par 3 car park and over the past two weekends our security guard has been instructing vehicles without member car stickers to park in the over flow car park. Please assist us with this policy by displaying your member sticker in the window of your car. If you haven’t got one please ask the membership team to provide. We feel this will increase the number of spaces for members in the main car park closest to the clubhouse. 

Carine Kitchen Extension 

You will notice the construction hoardings to the left of the main entrance. We will soon be commencing the extension to the back of house facility of our carine restaurant. This construction will eventually result in a larger kitchen to support the increasing covers of our popular restaurant plus support functions. Note we don’t anticipate any closure to the restaurant during this initial construction period. carine will be open as usual.

Recognition of Colleagues

Internally Emirates Golf Club has always had a system in place to recognize colleagues who exceed the expectations of members and guests and occasionally provide that WOW, above and beyond, experience or service. Following discussions with our Club Captain, Ishu Rupani, we have decided to provide an electronic platform so that you our members can provide feedback on colleagues who excel. It is important that these acts are reported so we can acknowledge and reward colleagues in addition to motivating them to strive for service excellence. On the member zone we have always had a section where you can report feedback to the Members Consultative Committee, we have now added a section for Colleague Recognition. If a colleague excels and exceeds your expectations out of their ‘normal routine’ we would welcome you to log onto the member zone and record the name, department of the individual/s and what they did. We will use this information to recognize our star performers. 

Etiquette on our Courses

In last month’s Club Life I discussed the crisis that is golf etiquette across the Majlis and Faldo. The marshals have witnessed, reported and distributed yellow cards to four individuals over the past three weeks all for NOT RAKING BUNKERS. Three of them were members and one a guest … SO YES IT IS OUR MEMBERSHIP that is guilty.

I personally witnessed one incident and it was an example of disgraceful behavior on our Faldo course in terms of bunker behavior. One member said... “I didn’t know I had to” and another said “I normally do”. Please note, we will be clamping down on this issue to try and eradicate this problem. 

Please note for those of you who maybe misunderstand the RULES OF GOLF. If your ball ends up in a footprint you have to play the ball as it lies. If you move the ball to a flat lie and play the shot it is an immediate 2 shot penalty. This is why it is so important to rake bunkers and care for YOUR COURSE. Please don’t be the next member to receive a disciplinary letter from me, I don’t want to get to a stage where we publish names in Club Life! 

Happy golfing!

Barney Coleman
Club Manager, Emirates Golf Club