Emirates Golf Club, in association with Real Raquet Academy, are delighted to have opened the first Padel Tennis facility in the UAE. 

Padel Tennis is a relatively new, but increasingly popular sport, involving a stringless racquet on a court smaller than a tennis court.  It brings together a combination of other racquet sports, such as tennis and squash.     

Real Raquet Academy is hosting a complimentary Intro to Padel to all new players. To book your session now, please contact +971 56 179 8324 or email info@realracquetacademy.com 

Club Opening Timings:
Morning: 7am - 12pm
Evening: 3pm - 11pm

Real Racquet Academy has introduced a new system to more accurately record players' performance levels and players' ranking positions.  Over the coming month, players will be assessed using the new system and their level and ranking updated accordingly.

Level System

Players' performance levels will be assessed according to their skills and match play ability, rather than how many games they play/win.  In attached you can find the level reference.

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