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Miha Bodytech is Now Available at Fit Lab Gym at Emirates Golf Club

Miha Bodytech is one of the world's leading fitness devises and is now available in Dubai at Fit Lab in Emirates Golf Club. The state-of-the-art work out machine can be used individually or alongside any other type of training, with Fit Lab's expert personal trainers running each work out session for you.

Each program can be tailored to an individual's needs including weight loss, muscle strengthening, metabolism stimulation, body relaxation and back pain reduction.  These programs can reduce body fat and size, muscle formation, increase metabolism, develop a tight and toned body, reduce cellulite, strengthen pelvic floor muscles for post natal rehabilitation, quicken speed, increase endurance and improve body posture and muscular imbalances.

 "Miha Bodytech is an exciting new development in the fitness world. Unlike other gym equipment it can be tailored to work on an individual's problem areas from the start. It is great for those on the go - a 20 minute session is a lot easier to fit into a hectic day but still gives you results. Within 6-13 weeks you should achieve your fitness goals as outlined by one of our expert personal trainers," said Peter Sullivan at Fit Lab in Emirates Golf Club.

An adjustable electrode vest is worn during the work-out session which works on the principle of 'electrical muscle stimulation' which sends electrical stimuli into deep muscle fibers. The session activates muscle stimulation when during movement with the device, giving a free range of static and dynamic movements and increased effectiveness. The electrodes send the stimuli to all body parts including arms, chest, back, abdomen, hips, buttocks and legs giving a full body work out. 

A session of 20 minutes groups muscles simultaneously as it works and the muscles work at 85 contractions per second on each of the 10 muscle groups. The workout is equivalent to 1-2 hours of conventional weight training as it recruits up to 95% of deep muscle fibers. 2-3 of these 20 minute sessions a week is enough to see results!

Miha Bodytech sessions are available for members and guests. For bookings and further information contact Fit Lab at Emirates Golf Club on +971 4 417 9850 or egcfitlab@dubaigolf.com