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World’s Fastest Growing Sport Comes to Dubai

Padeltennis Now Available at Emirates Golf Club;Social Sport with Over 10 Million Players Globally

The fastest growing sport in the world, Padeltennis, a racquet sport that combines tennis and squash,has recently arrived at Emirates Golf Club.

Padeltennis, usually played in doubles, is a relatively new and social sport that combines different racquet sports in a unique way and has more than 10 million players globally. The sport is played by big names in the tennis world including Rafael Nadal and NovackDjokovic as well as other celebrities such as Diego Maradona, Prince Albert of Monaco and CarlesPuyol,Captain of F.C. Barcelona.


Padeltennis is played with a special string-less tennis racquet on a small court enclosed in glasswith an artificial grass surface.The uniqueness of the game enables players to also use the surrounding glass walls that make up the court to return the ball.

"Padeltennis is fast becoming one of the most popular racket sports globally and we are delighted to be one of the first to boast the courts in Dubai as part of our dedication to providing innovative and cutting edge sports to the local market," said Andy Meech, Head of Sports & Leisure,Emirates Golf Club.

There are threePadel courtsin total at Emirates Golf Club and they are open to both members and non-members so everyone is welcome to play. A dedicated professionalPadeltenniscoachwill be on site to provide expertise on the ins and outs of the sport. Courts can be booked by the hour, with lessons from the coaches available as well as equipment hire.

"Padeltennis is a fantastic highly addictive team game - I challenge anyone with a liking for racquet sports to not enjoy this game! It's an enjoyable sport for all ages, challenging newplayers of the game as well as advanced tennis or squashenthusiasts because it requires new skills and disciplines that set it apart from other racquet sports," commented Ana Lopez, General Manager of the Real Racquet Academy.

The Padeltenniscourts are available daily from 7am to 11pm. For further information please contact Fit Lab at Emirates Golf Club on + 971 4 417 9850 or emailegcfitlab@dubaigolf.com