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Dubai Creek Golf Academy Invites You to Have Twice the Fun on the Palm Par 3 Course

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club have now made playing the game of golf even more fun with the introduction of extra large golf holes to the Palm Par 3 course.

The Par 3 course at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club is already renowned as one of the best introductory courses in the region and the addition of the new holes 15 inch holes, that are over three times larger than a standard golf hole, mean that the course is now even more accessible to beginners and younger players learning the game.

The standard 4¼ inch holes are still available, ensuring a great course for more experienced golfers to practice their short game. These holes will be indicated by a white and black flag with the new larger holes clearly indicated by a yellow flag. Golfers can also enjoy a risk and reward style game by playing with both flags and deduct half a point of the score when making a shot in the standard hole.

Brush up your skills and have double the fun with the new Par 3 course and paying just AED 45 per person inclusive of club hire.

The fully floodlit Par 3 course at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club is open seven days a week from 7am to 10pm.  

For more information and bookings, please call + 971 4 205 4666, email or visit