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Dubai Golf Supports GCC Best Practice by Hosting Club Managers Association Of Europe's Management Development Programme for the First Time in the Middle East


Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club this week completed the Club Managers Association of Europe's (CMAE) Management Development Programme Part 1, which was attended by 34 delegates from across the GCC, Asia and Europe, including four GCC Nationals embarking on the Club Management education path.

Club managers are under greater pressure than ever from their committees, owners and members to create and implement business strategies that guarantee the continued success of their clubs. In order to better serve their club committee, owners and members, the four GCC National delegates in attendance included Abdulla Al Noon, Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club; Mubarak Hill of Almouj Golf, Muscat; Mohamed Al Naimi of Qatar International Golf Club and Salman Al Khouji of Doha Golf Club.

Commenting on the programme Dubai Golf's Chief Executive Christopher May CCM said, "We are delighted to see the huge interest in the first CMAE Management Development Programme to be held in the Middle East, it is the largest MDP 1 course held anywhere to date, with delegates from Europe, Asia, Africa as well as the MENA region. It is encouraging to see four GCC Nationals taking their first steps down the Club Management education path, which is a positive for the industry in the region. A range of excellent speakers covering all core competencies assembled in what proved to be a very valuable week for all attendees."

The week long programme which took place from 29th May to 2nd June 2016 saw spokespersons Mike Braidwood, Darshan Singh and Jason Koenigsfeld educating and informing delegates to standardise best practices in golf clubs across the world, including the 10 core competencies of a modern club manager such as Club Governance, Strategy & Leadership, Risk Management and Facilities Management.

"CMAE started the Management development programme in Europe in 2011 and since then have run 42 week long programmes in six different counties and have had over 750 delegates in attendance. To bring the programme to Dubai has been a long term plan of the Association and the response has been phenomenal with 34 delegates signing up, this is a record for CMAE and just shows the appetite amongst the club industry in the Middle East for high level education.  CMAE's mission is to advance the profession of club management throughout Europe and the Middle East, promote best practice in the club industry, and provide a certification programme which recognises and rewards those club managers that can demonstrate the highest standards of knowledge and competence in club management. The staging of our first programme in Dubai is significant in helping us achieve our mission. Our thanks goes out to Dubai Golf who without their help this programme would not have been possible," said Mike Braidwood, Director of Education, CMAE.

Jason P. Koenigsfeld, Sr. Vice President, Professional Development, Club Managers Association of America added, "Since 1927, The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) has been committed to professional development of club executives. CMAA global strategy has always been to provide our education as well as what we have learned over the past 30 years and in return we seek new learning opportunities including new models, trends, concepts and strategies while being sensitive to local cultures and traditions.  With strategic partnerships in Canada, Europe, The Middle-East, Africa (Kenya and South Africa), China, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Colombia in place to help the global club community evolve and prosper, the curriculum allows for local laws, customs and practices to be taught while sharing knowledge we have gained from our global outreach.  We could not be more excited to be part of a program in Dubai where local and expatriate delegates will expand and contribute to our knowledge base as well as continuing to further develop a global community of club leaders."

Dubai Golf continuously supports international organisations and contributes to the education of club managers to ensure its employees are constantly ahead of the curve in the region as well as in line with golf clubs managers across the world to develop a global community of club leaders.