Par 3 Course

Redesigned in 2004, the 9-hole Par 3 course at Dubai Creek Golf Academy is ideal for beginners to test their skills before taking on the championship course, for the more experienced players to improve their short game, and even for just an enjoyable round of social golf after sunset. The Par 3 course is floodlit and open from 7am- 10pm every day.

Par 3 Course


The following guidelines are set to help you enjoy your game of golf on the Par 3 course:

  • Players must register at the Golf Academy reservations desk prior to play. In the interest of all, players should play without delay.
  • Driving range balls are not permitted on the Par 3 Course.
  • No player should play until the group ahead is off the green.
  • No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind a player who is addressing the ball or making a stroke. Mobile phones should be switched off on the golf course.
  • On leaving a bunker, the player must use the rakes provided to smooth out any footprints and sand indentations made.
  • It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that they repair pitch marks on the greens.
  • When walking on the greens care should be taken not to damage the surface.
  • Players should ensure that no damage is made to the golf course by the actions of the player.

Important Note

Golf course marshals and staff have the full authority to regulate play and enforce all rules to maintain the game of golf. The instructions and advice given by golf course staff is for the benefit of everyone.
Enjoy your game.

Triple the Fun with Extra Large Holes

Visit the Par 3 Course at Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club and have triple the fun with a game of golf and football for just AED 90.

Standard Hole
The standard 41⁄4 inch holes, which are identified by the black and white flags on the Par 3 Course at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, mean that the course is a great place for all golfers to practice their short game skills ready for tournament play.

Large Hole
The addition of the new 15 inch holes, which are identified by the yellow flags, are over three times larger than a standard golf hole. This allows the Par 3 Course to be more accessible for beginners and more fun for younger players.

Creek Kicks
Test your football skills by navigating the Par 3 Course with a football. Try and kick the ball into the special made oversized holes indicated by the white flag in as few shots as possible. Both style of competitions are excellent for team building and corporate outings

Sugessted Game
Enjoy a risk and reward style game by playing with both flags and reduce your score by half a point if you choose the tough black course or score as normal using the yellow course. 


Play and Dine

Play and dine for just AED 120 at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. Play a game of Golf or Creek Kicks on the Par 3 course and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in the Academy Cafe all inclusive of the price.

For more information and bookings, please call + 971 4 205 4666, email or visit