Make Your Putting Practice Count on the Golf Course by Craig Waddell

When it comes to putting, the vast majority of amateurs I see tend to wander aimlessly around the practice green, chasing the ball with no real purpose or method to improvement. If you take a look at one of the putting greens during the European Tour events that will soon be arriving in the Middle East, you'll find a very different approach. Simple drills to help groove your stroke into a reliable weapon when you're out on the course are the best way forward and here I've detailed a couple for you to try next time you practice. We have SAM Putt Lab here at Dubai Creek, and when analysing my own stroke, I found some inconsistencies in both my club path and my tempo. Firstly, I tend to strike the ball a little from the heel of the club and one of Tiger Woods' favourite drills - the gate drill - is a great way to correct that. Find a relatively straight 8-10 foot putt and position two tees in the green, one just outside the toe and one just outside the heel of the putter (see pic below). Hitting putts without contacting the tees is a great way to build a reliable straight back-and-through stroke.

GD Nov Craig

For my tempo drill, you'll need a one dirham coin. I've always had a tendency to rush my stroke on the through swing, and if you balance a coin on the back edge of the putter as shown, it will be dislodged if there's any jerkiness to the stroke. Try to make some smooth strokes back and forward without the coin moving. You'll develop a better rhythm and a truer roll with your putter.

GD Nov Craig

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