Matthew Brookes
PGA Professional

During Matthew’s early years he played several sports, as well as golf, these included; squash, tennis, football and skiing. These other sporting experiences focused Matthew on the importance of; diet, physical strength and physical fitness, to enable a participant to deliver their best performances. 

Matthew decided that he wanted to pursue a career in sport, and on leaving school, spent two years at college studying Sports Science and Exercise, as well as level 3 Personal training. In 2013 Matthew decided to specialise in golf. Since graduating with his PGA degree, Matthew has grown his knowledge in the game to help better understand how the body and swing work together. His coaching philosophy is based on the importance of knowing how your body moves, how it is built and your ground mechanics. His moto to improve your game is to “Move Better, Feel Better, Play Better”. 

Before moving to Dubai he worked in the south of Spain, at one of Europe’s top golf academies. He coached and trained multiple amateur golfers, both World Amateur Golf Ranked and national players from the German and Russian U18s teams. This experience has given Matthew a very good understanding of the expectations of elite players, working with their high demands and goals. Using his knowledge and experience of coaching, his PGA degree, College, and multiple ancillary Certification courses, Matthew believes that his levels of service are heads and shoulders above most other golf coaches, quote: “I thrive off a player who wants serious structure in the sport and isn’t afraid to work hard for what they want”