Meet The Up & Running Team

Michael Mefo U&RMichael Mefo

UPANDRUNNING’s Physio Michael Mefo has provided physiotherapy management for Golfers at both amateur & professional levels of the game and his recent experience included providing Musculoskeletal screens for the UAE National Golf Team.

Michael offers assessment and management of Golf related injuries, Conducting Musculoskeletal Golf screening for injury prevention & treatment



Jeelna Ruparelia U&RJeelna Ruparelia

UPANDRUNNING’s Physio Jeelna is Internationally experienced in Tennis rehabilitation

She has worked across all levels of players ranging from beginners to semi professionals. By utilising the court, coaches and playsight videography within rehabilitation sessions, she promotes a healthy return to sport and encourages preventative management strategies. 




Kelly Robinson U&R

Kelly Robinson 

UPANDRUNNING’s Physio Kelly specialises in lower limb injury and biomechanics in sports persons.

She has treated elite level Runners, Triathletes, Rugby & Football players from around the world. She is member of our run clinic team using digital gait analysis to maximise run technique and performance. She also has expertise in the use of Pilates in the rehabilitation and enables patients to return to sport at the highest level post injury. 



Lee Watkins U&R

Lee Watkins


UPANDRUNNING’s Physio Lee  specialises in treating Tennis injuries using a functional movement approach in relation to the movement mechanics of tennis.  

An experienced Tennis player himself, Lee has expertise in crafting rehabilitation programs for players of every level. He also has experience in the screening of golfers to obtain movement information to enable improvements in athletic performance.



Jennifer Rath U&R

Jennifer Rath 

UPANDRUNNING’s Physio Jennifer, specialises in the treatment of swimming, paddleboard and combat sport injuries.

An experienced kickboxing and swimming trainer, Jennifer’s understanding of anatomy & function enables her to rehabilitate patients back to training and competition and prevent further injury in the future.




David Eakins U&R David Eakins

UPANDRUNNING’s Osteo David’s focus is on the mechanics of the body, to restore function, prevent and treat injury, and optimize performance.

An Irish field Hockey international, David uses specific techniques to suit individual needs, including soft tissue release, joint mobilization and manipulation, and dry needling to complement treatment.



Kate Ross U&RKate Ross

UPANDRUNNING’s Physio Kate, has a strong focus on manual therapy, Clinical Pilates based rehabilitation, exercise specific rehabilitation and pre/post-operative management. 

Kate offers assessment and management of all sports related injuries, as well as screening for injury prevention & treatment.