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Specialised Training Physiotherapy

Our Recreation Manager Andy Meech is certified as a C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Practitioner from the world's leading C.H.E.K. institute in the U.S.A. Practitioners specialize in the following:

  • Providing full postural analysis to determine individual posture type
  • Providing corrective exercises to improve posture and reduce pain caused by poor posture
  • Assessing the abdominal wall to see if the inner and outer units are functioning correctly and advise exercises to condition the abdominal wall
  • Providing functional core and back conditioning exercises that improve the core thereby reducing back pain
  • Providing an exercise programme that relates to personal goals ensuring a healthier and happier you.

Wellness Services

The Recreation Department also offers the services of experienced physiotherapist Rosemary Rhodes (UK trained), who has spent a considerable amount of time in Melbourne, Australia and in Dubai studying with Ramsay McMaster, the world's leading golf physiotherapist.

With an increased understanding of the game and its technicalities, she found herself treating golf related injuries and applying the knowledge of assessing postural imbalances and core stability to all levels of golfer including many active on the European and Asian Tours.

Rosemary now specializes in postural screenings for golfers. Screenings help identify physical limitations that may be affecting the individual's swing. This process includes video analysis, assessment of posture and range of joint movement and muscle power to establish imbalances or deviations from the norm. From the screening information, specific stretches and corrective exercises are advised, to match individual requirements.

Golf Specific Physiotheraphy

Fit Lab at Emirates Golf Club welcomes Mattias Gothrock. Matt has graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Sweden and with a Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from Australia. He is a Certified Sports Physiotherapist and has a special interest in Golf amongst other sports.

Matt plays the royal and ancient game himself and has been developing the medical and physical side of golf internationally. He is part of the PGA European Tour Physiotherapy Unit. Previous experience and partners are Titleist Performance Institute, Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic and Swedish Golfers Association.

At Fit Lab Matt is performing treatment for already existing injuries with a holistic, evidence based and multi segmental approach. A special interest is differential diagnostics from a sports specific perspective. For all players, from beginners to recreational and of course tour players, an individual customised treatment and training approach is important and essential in optimizing performance.  Many golfers enjoy a golf specific screening, advanced swing biomechanics analyze and fitness assessment for then more effectively and efficiently reach individually predetermined goals!

Physiotherapy AED 350 AED 400 60 mins
Physiotherapy (week end) AED 450 - -
Screening AED 500 - -
Physiotherapy AED 200 AED 200 30 mins
Osteopathy AED 300 AED 350 45 mins


Weight Loss and Dietary Programme MEMBER GUEST
Dietary Adv Initial Consultation

AED 250

AED 300

Dietary Adv Initial Programme AED 200 AED 240
Weight Recording & Review AED 200 AED 240
2nd and Subsequent Programme AED 250 AED 300
Detox Initial consultation AED 390 AED 470

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