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Pre-Natal Yoga at Emirates Golf Club for Expectant Mums

PURE Pre-Natal Yoga classes are being held at Fit Lab at Emirates Golf Club for expectant mums to learn how to learn proper breathing, relieve tension in the body and build necessary strength to help carry the growing baby bump.

The classes have been designed to help reduce stress with the intensity of the sessions tailored to all stages of pregnancy, with no previous yoga experience required.

The classes start with breathing exercises that also prepare for breathing during labour as well as a gentle warm up and modified poses, ending with deep relaxation. Prenatal yoga is recommended after the 12th week of pregnancy and can continue throughout, which helps mums to have a shared bonding experience with their unborn baby.

Instructor Andrea Balazs is a holistic health coach and yoga instructor, working in pre and postnatal nutrition, health and weight management.

The classes will be held every Wednesday at 10am in the Fit Lab studio and are AED60 per session, non-members are welcome to attend.

For more information contact Fit Lab on 04 417 9850 or email egcfitlab@dubaigolf.com.