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Will it be lucky number 13 for the Amateurs in the 2012 Dubai Golf Trophy?

The new golfing season marks the return of one of the most hotly anticipated local golfing events of the season as the Dubai Golf Trophy returns to the Faldo Course at Emirates Golf Club on 29th September with the final day being played on the stunning championship course at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club on 30th September 2012.

Over two days of intense competition the 16 leading UAE based PGA Professionals and the leading 16 Emirates Golf Federation (EGF) Amateur golfers will go head to head in a Ryder Cup style showdown in a bid to be crowned champions in the thirteenth edition of the Dubai Golf Trophy. The event originally started as a social season ending tournament in 2000 at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. Since then the event has grown in popularity and prestige and is now one of the highlights of the local golfing calendar for professionals and amateurs alike.

After an incredibly hard fought competition the Professionals once again showed their dominance in the event when they claimed victory in the 2011 competition, which means that they have now taken home the past four trophies. This brings the total victories for the professionals to ten wins against the Amateurs two, having claimed victory in 2005 and 2007.

DG trophy 2012(L to R )Stephen Hubner,The Professional's captain for 2012  Christopher May, General Manager of Dubai Golf and Dino Varkey, the 2012 Amateur Captain

Dino Varkey, the 2012 Amateur Captain is only too well aware that the statistics are heavily in favour of the Professionals; however he really does feel that 2012 can be the Amateurs year. Dino said "As Amateurs, we do not get many opportunities to participate in events with as much intensity and sportsmanship as the Dubai Golf Trophy. For many amateurs, this is the pinnacle of the golfing calendar and winning as a team definitely brings a greater sense of accomplishment and camaraderie, than anything any one of us may have achieved individually within the game. Although the Pros have been on a winning run of late, it is time for the Amateurs to rediscover that winning feeling."

Speaking about their preparations, Dino further added, "Given the timing of the event, we no longer have the benefit of the momentum that many players would have built by the end of the normal season. Consequently, September will be a crucial month to get our games back into shape before the event. Although, given the depth of talent that we have on the team, I do not foresee this being a problem."

The Professional's captain for 2012 is Stephen Hubner from Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club who commented that, "I have played in the last five Dubai Golf Trophy matches and have relished every moment.  It is a wonderful platform for the country's best professional and amateur golfers to compete against one another.  Although over the years the professionals have had the upper hand, the matches are almost always tight, and with the ever improving amateur presence in the UAE a victory will be by no means easy.  I am extremely proud to have been appointed as Captain of such a fine group of golfers.  All of the team are very excited about the event and of course defending our title means a great deal to all of us.  Myself and Vice-captain Greg Holmes have arranged for practice matches at The Dubai Creek and The Faldo course at Emirates so that the players can get together as a team and refresh their memories of the courses.  I am quite sure that all of my players will be spending a great deal of time on their games to ensure they are ready come the 29th of September."

Christopher May, General Manager of Dubai Golf has been involved with the event since it started in 2000. He commented that "The Dubai Golf Trophy is always a very popular event which is guaranteed to provide some interesting competition and results. The Professionals really have dominated in recent years, however the Amateur team looks very strong in 2012 and I know that they will be more than ready to challenge for the title. Naturally there is a very competitive spirit between the two teams and qualifying to play in the event is always an honour for the golfers involved, however the key purpose of the event is really to raise the profile of golf in the region and to bring players from clubs all over the UAE together."

Team Professionals

• Stephen Hubner, Captain (Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club)
• Greg Holmes, Vice Captain (UAE PGA)
• David Gray - David Gray Golf
• Malcolm Young - Arabian Ranches
• Ryan Smith - The Montgomerie
• Dong Lee - Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club
• Simon Payne - Tower Links
• Kenny Monaghan - Dubai Creek
• Craig Waddell - Dubai Creek
• Paul Hubner - Arabian Ranches
• Fraser McLaughlan - Al Ain Golf & Equestrian Club
• Tom Buchanan - Al Ain Golf & Equestrian Club
• Liam Cregan - Yas Links
• Joe Marshal - Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club
• Matt Naylor - The Montgomerie
• Stuart Fee - Jebel Ali
• Phil Waine - Abu Dhabi
• Ross McArthur - Al Hamra

 Team Amateurs

• Dino Varkey (Captain)
• Vikram Judge (Vice Captain)
• Michael Harradine
• Craig Forrest
• Khalid Yousef
• Ahmed Al Musharrekh
• Paul King
• Miki Mirza
• Alex Charawani
• John Fellingham
• Bilal Belaid
• Callum Mills
• Gary Swan
• Sidney D'souza
• Rakesh Shah
• Sami Hajri/ Ross Hopwood