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Position Title:: CASHIER
Closing Date: 30 Nov 2017

An internationally acclaimed golf and leisure club in Dubai is looking for a cashier.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • To improve the efficiency and quality of service, dedicated cashiering system will play a major role. 
  • To ensure all transactions are closed on a timely manner and right discount given to right customer. Moreover, settlements are accurately handled through customer interaction, if required, to avoid any customer complaints.
  • Settle all transactions using right mode of settlement as and when paid by customers.
  • Ensure right balance is given to customers for any cash payments.
  • Charge Debit/Credit cards based on the bill totals and ensure the transaction is successful before settling the transaction in system.
  • Ensure all checks are closed on a timely manner. Transactions must be closed immediately on receiving customer payment.
  • Ensure all products / Service delivered only after recording it in the system.
  • Monitor open tabs and coordinate with waiters/waitress to close the transactions
  • Verify ID cards for any discounts given on the transaction and ensure the ID cards are scanned using the ID card scanner at the time of settling the transactions.
  • Verify the validity and entitlement of vouchers for any transaction/(s) settled by voucher.
  • Verify signatures for any transaction settled to account (credit sales).
  • Ensure right precentage of discount given to the right customer.
  • Validate discount entitlement for FACE card holders, platinum cards, Members or any such customer requesting for discount.
  • Ensure adequate change in cash till before starting the shift. Responsible for making smaller bills from general cashier whenever required.
  • Count and pack all cash in the cash envelope at the time of closing of operation. Sales and Float to be packed seperately. Denomination of all currencies to be furnished on the envelope.
  • Segregate all settled transactions by Credit, Cash, Credit Cards, Vouchers, Duty Meal, A&BP etc at the time of closing.
  • Print all cashier report from system, batch report from credit card machine and attach with sales envelope.
  • Follow DG's standard operating procedure for cash deposits.
  • Adhere to the DG's standard operating procedures and its best practices. Any discrepancy has to be reported to the Financial Controller.
  • Report to Financial Controller or Supervisor before starting the shift.

Package & Benefits:

  • An attractive tax free salary package with full expatriate benefits commensurate with experience.

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