Short Game Techniques by Michael Kinloch

Let me start by saying that I'm a fan of getting the ball on the green as soon as possible. If you have a 50 foot chip and 40 feet of green to work with, then forget floating one high right up by the pin. Your ball should be hitting the deck early and releasing. So first and foremost, let me detail what I believe to be the most effective way of hitting the low, running chip shot.

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The main focal point here is your set-up. You need a narrow stance, just one clubhead width apart. Play the ball off the centre of the stance, placing the majority of your weight on your left side. By leaning your body toward the target slightly, your chest should be positioned nicely in front of the ball. Doing this also encourages a gentle shaft lean towards the target, with the handle resting over your lead thigh. This is the position that we want to return to at impact. For the stroke itself, rocking your shoulders with minimal wrist action will ensure your best chance of striking the ball solidly.

For the higher shot, we need to make some modifi cations. Go wider with the set-up, with the ball still centered. The key difference is that instead of leaning the shaft forward at address, you should start with it perpendicular to the ball. Having a feeling that you return  that shaft back to this upright position at impact will allow you to maintain the loft on your wedge and pop the ball up higher and softer.

 Low vs High: Pre-setting the impact conditions we want at address for lower and higher chip shots makes the task of executing them much more straightforward. With the low flighted shot, you can  see how my hands are ahead of the clubhead at impact. For the high shot, the shais  perpendicular to the ball, just as it was at address


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