Technology helps convince golfers to make that awkward change by George Kasparis

Putting with your palms: How technology supports this basic putting truth.  

GD Sept George

Huge recent advances in technology have led to teaching aids like TrackMan launch monitors, V-1 swing analysis software and Sam Putt Lab established as vital tools for the modern golf coach. To amateur golfers, all this gadgetry can come across as fairly bewildering, but if it's used correctly, technology can make identifying faults easier, and fixing them more straightforward. Let's take the Sam Putt Lab as an example. One of the most common faults that I see in putting is a tendency to grip the putter with the fingers, like you would for a regular club. For a full swing, this grip allows the wrists to hinge properly, but of course with putting, the goal is to avoid a wristy action. To grip a putter in the middle of the palm feels awkward for most golfers, and a lot of people find it hard to trust this grip. What Sam Putt Lab demonstrates is a more consistent pendulum stroke using this method. The putter head will exhibit a squarer swing path with less rotation. The data that we pull from Sam Putt Lab explains to the student what they're getting from that change, and the benefits are immediately apparent. If you have the opportunity to get your stroke analysed on this piece of kit it's well worth doing, but for those who don't, remember that holding the putter in the palm of your hands will lead to a more consistent stroke and ultimately, more putts disappearing into the hole.

GD Sept George

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