A Great Drill for Grip Control by George Kasparis

Here's a very simple grip drill that you can practice that will allow you
to gain more control of your swing. A lot of amateurs lose control of their grip at the top of the backswing in an attempt to create power.


Golfers are often told not to grip the club too tightly, but gripping it too loosely (as shown in the lefthand image) can also lead to problems. By partially letting go of the club at the top in an effort to gain length and distance, loss of friction will compromise control and most likely result in a poor strike and lack of accuracy.

This same move can also lead to an early release of the club through impact. One of my favourite drills to teach somebody how to maintain a correct grip pressure throughout the swing is by using two tees, carefully placed in the grip. As illustrated in the close-up image, you will see one tee placed just between my left palm and grip, and the other between right palm and left thumb. Once you have placed the first tee between the end of your grip and your left palm (for right handers) you will need to use your mouth to place the tee under the right palm - it takes a bit of practice to get it right.

With the tees in place, try and make full, balanced swings. You will feel like your swing is more restricted and shorter. If the tees fall out of the grip, then you know you are losing control. The righthand image demonstrates a backswing that is wider and stronger. Maintaining this grip control will allow you to extend better through impact, too. This will
eventually lead to better striking, more control and distance.

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