Missing to the right is a fault that plagues all ability levels

How to stop losing it right. This simple drill will cure your slice or block. 

GD Oct George

It doesn't matter whether you're a high handicapper or an accomplished player, for the right-handed golfer, losing the ball to the right remains one of the most persistent of faults. Slices, blocks and push slices are all shots that miss right of target and share one key ingredient: a clubface that is too open relative to the target line and/or club path at impact. When I study my pupils with the help of V1 video analysis, the way the left arm works  through the swing is often the root cause of this open face. The tendency is to get high and steery with the left elbow, almost as a result of wanting to hold the blade square for as long as possible. An easy way to see if this is a problem that affects your swing is to tee up a ball and address it with your left hand grip only and your right arm behind your back. Making a few practice swings will allow you to see how your left arm reacts as the club swings through. If your left elbow rides high, try focusing on making sure it looks to the ground at  all times during the swing. If you implement that feeling with a few practice swings and  then make a gentle swing to clip the  ball off the tee, you'll notice that if your left elbow is  turned down properly on the followthrough, you will have released the clubface correctly. By taking this to your normal swing, you will  definitely see your shot shape straighten up and even start to move from right to left.

GD Oct George

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