Hit the Soft Flop Shot from a Tight Lie


For amateur golfers, the lob shot is usually a last resort for when all other options have been taken out of play, especially from a tight lie.
When the ball is sitting in fluffy grass you have a lot more margin for error, but even from a closely mown lie like the one above, sticking to a few key principles will enable you to execute a good shot that is always a joy to pull off.

As with most greenside shots, set up is so important. You want the ball slightly ahead of centre in your stance, with your weight favouring your left side, which will encourage you to drive the club into the ground. It's important to open the clubface until it's almost sitting flat on the turf, but your hand and shaft position should remain neutral (see above left).

A lot of people misinterpret this as a very handsy shot - in fact the
reverse is true. To allow the club to slide under the ball with minimal
divot, you want a fairly wide, shallow backswing with your wrists staying
passive. The contact point should be slightly behind the ball, similar to a bunker shot. As long as the shaft has been returned to a neutral position then the bounce on the sole of the wedge will stop the club digging. You must avoid trying to scoop the ball up with your hands. Let the loft and the bounce pop it up for you.

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