Keep the club low to hit the ball high by Jack Woods

Every golfer wants to see the ball flying high through the air on its way to the green, but it is this desired result that can cause us to instinctively make a move that has the opposite  effect. How many times have you had to fly the ball over water or another hazard and found yourself either fluffing the ball a few yards or hitting it low and thin over the back of the green? A common fault I see, particularly with those new to the game, is an attempt to lift the ball in the air by falling onto the right side and lifting the club up through impact. This inefficient downswing move causes our impact point to move towards the right foot, meaning we hit the ground first or the leading edge strikes the top of the ball - hence the fat or thin shot.

A simple drill to help fix this fault is to take a short iron or even a wedge and hit some shots with the ball lined up inside the left foot, but starting the clubhead in the centre of your stance as if the ball were in its normal position. Having to 'reach' for the forward placed ball on the downswing forces you to keep the club lower through impact and helps you transfer your weight to your left side through the shot. Alternating between this drill and standard shots will gradually improve the positioning of your club and upper body through impact, resulting in solidly struck shots that sail high towards your target.

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1. Address
Using a wedge, set up with the ball forward, like you would for a driver. On the downswing, you'll have to shift towards the target to make a strong contact.

2. Impact
Mastering this idea of keeping the club low to hit the ball high and transferring your weight to the left side through impact will mean you can be more confident of hitting high, well struck shots more regularly. 

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