Make a better turn for more speed and power by George Kasparis

Golfers tend to get fixated with this idea of keeping the head still throughout the swing, and this leads to one of the most common set-up problems I see on a daily basis. What tends to happen is a player sets up with their head directly over the ball with a driver, pushing weight onto the left side and causing a tilting, reverse-pivot move on the backswing. The result? You don't make a proper turn and get 'stuck', with no option but to cast the club weakly on the downswing.

GD June 14

What I like to see for a right-handed player (and vice versa for a left) is the head turned  slightly to righthand side, with the chin towards the right shoulder. It helps to feel that you focus on the ball with your left eye, which will help you stay behind the ball and make a really good turn. At the top of the backswing, maintain that thought of honing in on the ball with your left eye. With the driver, your head should stay behind the ball right through  impact as your lower body drives forward onto your lead side. Try this simple tip next time you're on the range. It could instantly help you unleash a few extra yards of distance off the tee.

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