Chip close to uphill pins by Kenny Monaghan

Chip close to uphill pins - Blind shots like this require good prep and solid technique. 

GD July KM

The third hole at Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club is a seemingly straightforward par 4, but it's easy to get too bold with your approach shot and overshoot the green, which falls away steeply and leaves a chip back that amateurs often struggle with. Bumping the ball into the slope is out of the question: it's too steep and the rough is too long. I can't see the bottom  of the flag on this shot - about 15 yards in length - so it's important to walk up to the green and pick a landing spot before getting ready to play the ball. Try to visualise the ball flying 80 percent and rolling out 20. That's your landing area - in this case right on the front portion of the green. I won't get too much spin from the rough, so I need height to stop the ball fast. I do that by using my 60 degree wedge and pre-setting the face open at address. The kiss of death is to get too cute with this shot and decelerate. You want to accelerate smoothly through to your finish, focusing on a nice shallow arc through the hitting area.

GD July Kenny

Set-up Keys

At address, my stance is open to my target, the ball is played slightly forward of centre and my weight is favouring my front foot. I grip down an inch or two for more control. Your only focus at this point should be the target landing area you picked out while assessing the green.

Smooth & Shallow

The curse of the amateur golfer here is to decelerate into the ball (for fear of thinning it) and get scoopy with the wrists at impact. Try this instead. Make a shorter backswing, focus on a shallow move through the ball and keep the club low to the ground after impact. It works.

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