How ball position affects shot shape by Mike Kinloch

It's easy to overlook the role ball position plays in the shape of your golf shots, but the origins of a particular ball flight fault can often be found at set-up. The position of the ball influences several impact factors, most notably angle of attack and club path. Depending on your swing characteristics and the type of shots you hit, ball position can be manipulated to influence the mechanics of your swing and help to straighten out the ball's flight.

A simplified image to have of the swing is that the club moves on a tilted circle around the body. Assuming a centered strike, if you were trying to hit a perfectly straight shot, the spot on the circle where the ball is  struck would have to be at the point where the club's path was perfectly aligned to the target. When we get the ball position wrong, this is very unlikely to be the case. In these two exaggerated ball positions, I'll explain how a simple range drill can be used to iron out hooks and slices.

GD Jan 14 MK

GD Jan 14 MK

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