My Best Drill to Fix your Slice

One of the most common causes of slicing among amateurs is a downswing move dominated by the upper body. From the top, the shoulders and arms 'throw' the club from an out-to-in path, creating the glancing blow that we associate with a weak slice. Here's a very simple drill you can practice to fix that move.

Take your driver and balance it upright on the ground with your left arm outstretched (for right-handers). Grip an iron in your right hand, and make a backswing. Ensuring that your left arm remains in a fixed position, go ahead and practice some downswings. With your left shoulder resisting, you should get a much better feel for how the club should work on the downswing, dropping down and releasing into impact on an in-to-out path.

December Dong

This move will also help you develop a better clubhead release and encourage your lower body to fire more efficiently. Make a few swings to rehearse the feel and then hit a few shots trying to replicate the resistance that you felt in the drill. You should quickly get the club moving on a better plane and see a good improvement in your ball flight.

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