How to see every putt as a straight putt by George Kasparis

The thing i love about our new Pearl Putting Course here at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club is that most of the holes have very severe slopes, which will really help golfers to get a better grasp of how to read putts. One of my favourite theories on putting is the saying, 'every putt is a straight putt'. Here on the 10th hole, I've placed a small pebble on what I determine to be the apex point of this left-to-right putt, and I've placed an alignment stick on the ground that points directly to this target. If we apply that 'every putt's a straight putt' theory, I can form my stance square to the alignment aid and ensure that my stroke follows a straight line relative to my set-up. With good distance control, the slope will do the rest. I see a lot of golfers take aim at the hole, and then make compensations for the break of the putt in their stroke. This is no way to achieve a consistent result. So next time you're down at The Creek, give this simple idea a try on our Pearl Putting Course. You'll find it can make a big improvement to your performance on the greens when you head to the main course.

GD Dec 13 GK

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