Stay centered to rip your three wood by Jon Garabieta

Golf Digest is reviewing the best fairway woods in this April issue, so I thought I'd bring you my favourite tip for hitting strong shots with one of the toughest clubs in your bag. Amateur golfers want to hit their fairway woods as far as possible, and this leads to the biggest mistake I see many of them make: moving off the ball too far onto their right side (for a righthander) and swaying off-centre in a bid to generate power. The reality is, that will have the opposite effect.

GD April JG

What you actually want to do is remain centred over this shot while coiling up into your right side. The exercise I like to give my students is to feel the left knee flexing as they make a backswing, and while keeping their right knee stable, allowing the pressure to build up on their right side. Invariably from this position, your weight stays a little bit more forward.

If you sometimes hit the odd top or thin with your fairway woods, this drill will really help you make a much more solid contact.

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