When to swing long on short shots by George Kasparis

There's a really nice primary cut of rough right now at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, which can lead to a shot scenario that I see a lot of amateurs struggling with. When your ball is sitting down in the grass, a basic chip won't achieve the trajectory necessary to stop close to a flag 10-15 yards away. You'll often see the top players execute this soft explosion shot to great effect - and here's how you can play it, too. Using the most lofted club in your bag, you have to set up for this almost like a bunker shot. Open the clubface and have the ball a little bit farther forward in your stance. Your goal is to impact the grass slightly before the golf ball - and the reason you take a bigger swing is to avoid the clubhead getting caught up in the rough. You want to swing with a smooth tempo and commit to the finish position. Think long and lazy - picture Freddie Couples - and you'll be amazed how softly the ball pops out.

GD April 14

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